What does Hydration have to do with Skincare?

As we move into summer in Las Vegas you may be realizing just how important it is to stay hydrated in the hot desert heat, aside from just being good general advice hydration can highly effect all parts of your body, and therefore affect the services offered at our spa. Staying hydrated is the key for your comfort during your service. Water is always available when you come to Feetish and I highly recommend you take us up on the offer.

How does Hydration Affect my Skin?

Your body does a lot of work for you, including fluushing waste and toxins on a daily basis (Thanks Body!) But when we’re hydrated our body does a way better job at that! That’s why staying hydrated during a hangover helps you feel better faster, think of water as your body’s favorite internal cleanser.
So as a fun little experiment, look at one of your fingers, the collection of skin where your finger bends? Pinch that! Gently – and then when you release it, see how fast or slow it returns to normal, that’s your skins elasticity. If you’re hydrated it should snap back pretty quick, but if you’re dehydrated it may move as slow as molasses. (Drink some water you heathen!)

Beyond just your finger wrinkles, Internally what all your skin is doing. Hydration will highly affect how your skin ages over time. If your skin is always struggling to remain elastic you’ll develop more wrinkles – obviously lotion is extremely important for your body and moisturizer is highly important for your face, but the hydration is the base of everything. Lotions and moisturizers help retain the moisture your skin already holds by preventing Transepidermal Water Loss; that’s when the moisture in your skin evaporates due to the natural environment around it. If your skin is already starting with bare minimum hydration and then you don’t moisturize and combine that with the unbearably dry heat of Nevada?
It’s a recipe for disaster… Well at least you’re wearing sunscreen right?

I think I’m gonna faint

What about other Services? Will Dehydration affect those too?

I’m glad you asked dear reader, in short – yes
Especially waxing. Finally decided to try out a Brazilian or Bikini wax? Get excited because you’re about to enter a magical land of never having to suffer through bringing a hand mirror into the shower with you ever again.
However if you want the best waxing experience possible, proper hydration is essential, being hydrated will also prevent ingrown hairs and insure a comfortable growback, I’ll be writing a blog post about how to have the best first time waxing appointment ever soon, stay tuned!

What about Pedicures?
Yes!! Luckily when you get a wonderful pedicure from me or Andrea and luxurious foot and leg massage is always included, but if you want to help treat general foot pain on a regular basis, a huge factor can be hydration!
Of course when it comes to anything there’s a wide array of factors that can affect your body, and I always recommend doing your own research about your health and the ways you can personally be healthier in your daily life, I’m obviously not a doctor, but the nice thing about putting more thought into being hydrated is that it definitely won’t hurt you

Stay Hydrated, Friends!

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