I’m Getting My First Brazilian, What Now?!?!?

So you’ve decided to jump into the exciting world of getting Brazilian Waxing!! Congratulations!! Obviously I’m a little biased but honestly I way prefer waxing compared to shaving, the growback is so much more comfortable, and if you’ve got stomach rolls that get in the way like me and the majority of other people onContinue reading “I’m Getting My First Brazilian, What Now?!?!?”

What does Hydration have to do with Skincare?

As we move into summer in Las Vegas you may be realizing just how important it is to stay hydrated in the hot desert heat, aside from just being good general advice hydration can highly effect all parts of your body, and therefore affect the services offered at our spa. Staying hydrated is the keyContinue reading “What does Hydration have to do with Skincare?”

What’s Up With The Snails?

It’s no secret that snails are kind of my thing. But if you’ve browsed my website and seen all of my delightful snail website decorations you may be wondering “Uhhh… What’s up?” and the truth is, as a born and raised Las Vegas local I’ve probably only seen snails a few times in my life.Continue reading “What’s Up With The Snails?”

Best Pedicures in Las Vegas! Results so shocking Instagram thinks they’re fake!

It’s no secret that the incredible combined Day Spa of Feetish Spa Parlor and Madame Snail Spa located only minutes from the Las Vegas Strip offers the best pedicures in Las Vegas! In fact one of our most popular services is the 2 hour Dead Soles Pedicure for feet in need of an extreme makeover.Continue reading “Best Pedicures in Las Vegas! Results so shocking Instagram thinks they’re fake!”

The Benefits of Hard Gel Extensions

As you look at my nail menu you may notice I don’t offer Acrylic nails but I instead offer Hard Gel extensions. This could be potentially daunting if you’re not sure what that means. In this post I’ll explain what Hard Gel is and why it’s way more awesome than Acrylic! By the end you’llContinue reading “The Benefits of Hard Gel Extensions”

What Do All The Different Waxes Even Do!?

While browsing through waxing shops you may find yourself getting a little overwhelmed by all the different waxes offered at various salons. It can seem incredibly intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and what your needs are as far as waxing. This blog post is meant to educate you a little bitContinue reading “What Do All The Different Waxes Even Do!?”

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