About Frankie

Frankie Taylor

Nail and Skin Artist

Hi, I’m Frankie a strange, snail-loving, haircolor-constantly-changing human being who offers luxury spa services! I was born and raised in Las Vegas. Ever since I graduated Cosmetology School I had been looking for somewhere to work that is a safehaven for BIPOC, Women, Sex Workers and the LGBTQ+ Community! Feetish Spa Parlor has always checked all of those boxes for me! I’m proud to be an extension of the Feetish name! I also wanted to find somewhere I could express my love of Snails. They just bring me joy! I admin a group called “That’s It! I’m Snail Praising!” on Facebook so I can get more snail content in my daily life. I’m a very artsy person who’s always looking for new, weird crafts to fill my time when I’m not booking services with my incredible clientele!

If you have any questions for me, or would like to book a service with me, feel free to text or call at
(702) 218-7803
Or you can send me an email at

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