I’m Getting My First Brazilian, What Now?!?!?

So you’ve decided to jump into the exciting world of getting Brazilian Waxing!! Congratulations!! Obviously I’m a little biased but honestly I way prefer waxing compared to shaving, the growback is so much more comfortable, and if you’ve got stomach rolls that get in the way like me and the majority of other people on this planet do – waxing means no more awkward trying to see what the hell is going on down there with handheld mirrors, or god forbid.. Trying to FEEL what’s going on? Oh hell no.
So where do you start?
Hopefully you leave this article feeling like an expert on your Brazilian care! But if you still feel a little lost, or have specific questions that didn’t get answered feel free to send me an email at
Or text or call at
(Yes, even if you’re out of state, It’s what I’m here for)

How Do I Choose a Waxing Artist?

When choosing a waxing artist I feel it’s important to find someone who matches your personal values and needs, and overall, you need to feel comfortable with them. I highly recommend booking a smaller waxing service first, especially if you’ve never had any waxing done before. Something cheap, like your eyebrows ($15 – $25)
Eyebrows are a good starting point because you’ll learn a lot. Did your waxing artist listen to your needs? Were they kind and courteous about your inexperience? Did they make sure you felt comfortable and heard in their office? You’ll also learn how your pain tolerance is for waxing, obviously eyebrow waxing and Brazilian waxing have different pain scales. But baby steps, right?
Having an initial appointment with your artist also gives you the opportunity to ask questions like pricing and which products they use and if you’re ready.. Book an appointment with them!

Okay. I Booked my Appointment.. Now What?

So you have an appointment in the books, that’s awesome! But how does one prepare for a waxing appointment?
First things first, you need to have enough hair to actually wax, at a minimum you’ll want the length of a grain of rice, or about 2-3 weeks of growth. If you’ve been rocking the 70’s bush for awhile that’s okay too! Most waxing artists will start by trimming down longer hairs.

The first appointment will likely be the most painful, so I always recommend clients take their painkiller of choice (Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Tylenol) about an hour before their appointment, and if you smoke Marijuana or CBD I recommend doing it afterwards not before, only because you may end up being a lot more aware of the pain in the moment, good for recovery, not a good preventative

if you’re going to take any of this advice, I highly recommend being hydrated for your appointment, hydration can highly affect your body’s sensitivity to pain.
Being hydrated will assure a more comfortable waxing experience always.

Does my Waxing Artist Think my Vagina Looks Weird?

Its extremely unfortunate that the immediate reaction of most people when I first make contact is to apologize. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, and they all come through my office. Your vagina is not strange, there is nothing wrong with your body and I would never judge a client based on any part of their body.
When you step into my office I hope you know you’re in a safe place, a judgement free zone. There’s nothing that will be down there that I haven’t seen before.
(Unless you have a tentacle monster hiding down there, Then I might have a few questions)
Also if you’re in my office to be waxed, your vagina is at that point work for me, I’m not focused on that weird scar or birthmark because I’m too busy deciding where to place wax and how to adjust you so that you have a comfortable experience

Your body is not an apology.
Not in my office, not ever. You’re amazing and I love you

Okay, That wasn’t so bad, So.. What now?

Now your waxing artist will probably recommend coming back every 4-6 weeks depending on your growth rate, I recommend scheduling your follow up right then and there whenever possible. It’s easier to get that appointment in the book now and change dates if needed later down the line than hope your artist has availability when you need it in 6 weeks
And don’t forget to tip your artist!


I recommend my clients wait 24 hours after their waxing appointment for sexual activity, simply because the pores are very open and susceptible to dirt and grime which may cause ingrown hairs.
Don’t worry, you won’t get a 5 o’clock shadow before that hot date!

I also recommend taking a shower when you get home from your appointment just to rinse off any excess product that may have been left behind as well as fully cleansing that area (Just the outside skin, not inside)
When you get out of the shower make sure to fully moisturize the outside skin (Not the inside) preferably with an unscented body lotion or oil
Jojoba oil or Vitamin E oil are great budget friendly choices.
No Coconut Oil
While coconut oil does have some great natural ingredients, it also has lots of impurities that are more likely to clog your pores and cause ingrown hairs

Now Go Forth and be Amazing!!

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