What’s Up With The Snails?

It’s no secret that snails are kind of my thing. But if you’ve browsed my website and seen all of my delightful snail website decorations you may be wondering “Uhhh… What’s up?” and the truth is, as a born and raised Las Vegas local I’ve probably only seen snails a few times in my life. While in other places they’re considered pests, to me, they’re exciting! They’re up there with fairies and mossy cottages and stuff like that!
But aside from the obvious “Snails are just neat!” I’m also in a group called “That’s it! I’m Nail Praising” on Facebook. A few years ago someone posted “Lol I thought it said Snail Praising when I joined!” and then there was the obvious conversation of “That should be a group!” So I made it. As of April 2021 the group has just over 2,000 members. Pretty cool right? So needless to say I’ve been receiving awesome snail art and creations for a number of years cause they’re my favorite!
So when I was planning to open my spa I was left with the thought of “What do I call it?” I immediately decided it should be something snail related, and Feetish needed something equally exciting, strange and intriguing to match the vibe, also I’m Non-Binary which means I use They/Them pronouns
i.e. – Frankie owns an awesome snail spa! They offer luxury pedicures!
And snails are hermaphroditic which means they have both sexual organs! They can literally switch up their gender like clothes on any given day!!
So this was around the time I tossed “Snail” and “Spa” into a name generator and it almost immediately popped up with “Madame Snail Spa” and I went “Oh. Yup. That’s the one. That’s perfect”

What about Snail Services??
Will you offer Snail Facials?

While there are plans to offer some sort of Snail Facial when we feel safe doing facials again, it likely won’t include real snails. While snail slime has incredible benefits for the skin and can be a magical ingredient in skincare and has been a staple in Korean beauty culture for many years before traveling to the states. I don’t think I’ll be including live snails in a facial anytime soon, as cute as they are, its dry as hell in Las Vegas. I’d probably spend more time maintaining the snail tank than giving services, plus, for the same reason we don’t offer Fish Pedicures. How do you sanitize a snail? We’d have to get new snails every time to be truly sanitary. But with all the aside…

Snail Pedicures!!!
Yes. I’m adding a Snail Pedicure to the menu in May.
The Snail Pedicure will be a 2 Hour $99 Pedicure that includes Colloidal Oatmeal Foot soak, Snail Mucin foot and leg scrub, nail care, callous smoothing, Snail Mucin massage and sNail art in your choice of regular or gel polish!
This pedicure has been in the works for awhile and I’m very excited to officially add it to the menu!
This has been in the works for a while and I’m excited to finally be able to release it! I hope everyone is as excited as I am about it.
You’ll be able to book online through this link and if you have any questions feel free to text or call me at
(702) 218-7803
or send me an email at
Unless your question is do we offer Fish Pedicures. The answer is no

Artist – Woshibai

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