Best Pedicures in Las Vegas! Results so shocking Instagram thinks they’re fake!

It’s no secret that the incredible combined Day Spa of Feetish Spa Parlor and Madame Snail Spa located only minutes from the Las Vegas Strip offers the best pedicures in Las Vegas! In fact one of our most popular services is the 2 hour Dead Soles Pedicure for feet in need of an extreme makeover. However I never thought I’d find myself needing to defend our astounding before and after photos!

Yes, obviously I’m flattered that the only way Instagram thinks this is achievable is through Photoshop magic, but the truth is? We just offer great pedicures! Our Dead Soles pedicure is for those with cracked, uncomfortable heels with layers upon layers of Dead Skin. With a 3 Step Exfoliation and an Ultra Relaxing Shea Butter Massage, not only are your feet goals attainable and reasonable, but we’ll do everything in our power to give you the most Soothing, Private and Luxurious pedicure experience Las Vegas has to offer!

We believe in offering amazing Pedicures to people who are in desperate need of them. We’re not your average Las Vegas Day Spa and the Pedicures we offer are anything but average.
Trust me, we will never shame your feet, we understand more than anyone that your feet are the real MVP. Which is why we think they (and you) deserve a Spa day to kick back and relax while we work our Pedicure Magic!

No Photoshop magic required.

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