The Benefits of Hard Gel Extensions

As you look at my nail menu you may notice I don’t offer Acrylic nails but I instead offer Hard Gel extensions. This could be potentially daunting if you’re not sure what that means. In this post I’ll explain what Hard Gel is and why it’s way more awesome than Acrylic! By the end you’ll be a total badass who knows everything there is to know about Hard Gel… Well at least from the client’s point of view, I’ll handle the finer details on the Nail Technician side of things.

What is Hard Gel?

Hard Gel is another form of nail extension, Chemically it’s very similar to Acrylic except Hard Gel is more flexible, which means when you majorly bump your nail (Ouch!) It absorbs the shock better than Acrylic would. This means less pain for you, and less broken nail extension for me to fix! It’s a Win-Win as far as I’m concerned. Think of Hard Gel as a bouncy ball and Acrylic as one of those stupid ass “Fushigi Balls” we’ve all bought as a gag gift at one point or another. When you drop that motherfucker it’s just gonna shatter right? Whereas the bouncy ball will bounce off totally unharmed!

Why is Hard Gel Way Better Than Acrylic?

Aside from the Bouncy Ball thing mentioned above.. Hard Gel is nearly completely odorless. It’s ideal for clients (And Nail Techs like yours truly) Who are prone to getting migraines from strong odors. When you work in a luxury private salon like I do, ventilation may not be your best friend, which means odorless is a big plus.

One of the big contributing factors to damage to your nail bed caused by acrylics is the work it takes to get it off your nails. Hard Gel is different in that it cannot be soaked off. Hard Gel is filed until a thin layer is left on your natural nail. This means that if you choose to stop putting extensions on your nails, they’ll have a layer of protection while they grow out. However all that hard work goes to shit if you peel them off with your teeth, please don’t do that, you’ll make me cry, and you’ll make your nail beds cry.

What Should You Know As The Client?

At the end of the day, your nail tech isn’t a monster if they choose Acrylic over Hard Gel, it’s all a matter of preference. But I feel it’s important to educate yourself on the pros and cons of both. Have an open dialogue with your nail tech about which they feel is best for you. Having a competent nail tech that makes you feel confident and that you are personally comfortable with comes before product every single time.

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